Union Colony Marines
Staff meeting: Ray, Mark, Robert, Mike, Rachael & Joel 
Staff meeting: Mike, Rachael, Joel, Ernie & Clem
Staff meeting: Ken and Clem
Staff meeting:  Barbara, Carla, Connie, Ray, Mark & Robert
1st Place Loveland Corn Roast Festival
Color Guard at Sunset Gardens
Colors & Rifle volley at CO Eagle’s Game, Budweiser Center
Ken & Mrs Wyoming at Ballcap sales
Ken at Ballcap sales, autograph from Mrs Wyoming
Robert with Mrs Wyoming at ballcap sales
Northridge High MCJROTC Cadets at Windsor Parade
Northridge High MCJROTC Cadet preps float for Windsor parade
Northridge High MCJROTC Cadets & League members at Windsor parade
Union Colony MCL march with colors in parade
Northridge High MCJROTC Cadets lead the floats in Windsor parade
Raising colors, Attention!
Platteville parade award
Iwo Jima float in Platteville
“The Wall” float in Platteville parade